FAD Phnom Penh 2014 Report

Over one week ago, I attended FAD Phnom Penh 2014 in Cambodia. This Fedora Activitiy Day event was for APAC ambassadors to discuss budget planning, event planning, swag production and so on. Below is my full report of the two-day event.

Day 0 (2014-11-14): Arrival Day

I left Beijing in the afternoon and saw the beautiful sunset on the plane. My flight have an intermediate stop at Guangzhou, and we had to get off the plane their, accepted the custom check, and then went back to the same plane. I arrived at Phnom Penh International Airport at midnight. Although we filled the arrival card on the plane, we later found that we need to fill another health form (for Ebola) before getting the visa on arrival. With the help of Somvannda, I saw the Tuk Tuk driver easily when I came out of the airport, who was holding a nice sign with Fedora logo and my name. It took about half an hour from the airport to the Passion Guesthouse. I must say it was really cool to ride on a Tuk Tuk at midnight in Phnom Penh not only because the temperature was not high, but also because it made me exciting to be in a Tuk Tuk on the flyover! With banners in Chinese catching my eyes from time to time, I find Cambodia is somewhat familiar even though this is my first time to be there.

It was quite late when I arrived at the guesthouse, and I was very surprised to see Somvannda, Tuan, Siddhesh, Danishka still awake. It was so sweet of them to wait for me till the late night.

Day 1 (2014-11-15): Events and Budget

On Saturday morning I met Nisa, Izhar, and Sirko (gnokii), and we began our two-day meeting. We used the #fedora-fad IRC channel to involve remote participants. We also set up a pad on PiratePad, where I was responsible for taking important notes.

The meeting started with Sirko’s notes. He is from Germany, and he was there to help the first ambassador FAD in APAC. He pointed out the major problems with APAC communities in his mind, and offered his suggestions. He emphasized the importance of setting deadlines and installing rules. Then each of us introduced the situation in each country respectively. It seems the common problem is to attract new contributors. There are various reasons for that, such as pirating and unawareness of license, competition from other distributions, and shift of interests to cloud and apps. I think to tackle the problem, we need continuous education and promotion, and in particular we need to stress our core values and main characteristics.

Then we spent the remaining day discussing the events and allocating budget in the next fiscal year. As we can see from the wiki page, there are many events planned in the APAC region, and it is nearly impossible to ensure Fedora presence in every event. Therefore, there were a lot of debates about budget allocation when we went through the long list of events. Sometimes the discussion went off topic but we managed to bring the topic back. After we finished the budget planning, we summed them up and found a big total amount. So it is still necessary to assign different priorities for the events in case of budget cut down. It will be one main job after FAD.

According to the current budget allocation, we will promote Fedora in release parties, SFD, DFD, HFD, Linux Day as usual. We also want to have more not-so-big meetups which are for Fedora contributors and users but not tightly related to the release. Besides, we would like make Barcamp Phnom Penh and COSCUP places where ambassadors in the whole APAC region can meet and discuss.


We were quite tired after the whole day’s meeting, but we got refreshed by the local seafood at Kuch Angkor Restaurant. A friend of Tuan in Cambodia joined the dinner. We talked about a lot of things and enjoyed the Angkor beer very much.

Day 2 (2014-11-16): Other Stuff

The remaining topics were discussed on the second day. We first briefly talked about FAD and FUDCon. One current issue with FUDCon APAC is that the planning phase is too short since decision is made in January and the event happens in May. Sirko suggested that the decision should be made earlier, maybe announced right at the previous FUDCon. This way it is better advertisement and long planning period. We cannot make it work this way for FUDCon APAC 2015 though, which means possible hosts should bid for the next year’s event as soon as possible.

The main topic was swag production actually. We generally agreed that it is better to have central massive production to reduce the cost, and it is good to produce some swags with EMEA. But there are so many counties in APAC and different regulations about shipping. So first we need to collect the cost of production and shipping in each (active) country, and we set the deadline to be January 1st. We also discussed materials (such as banners) tracking and set the same deadline to work out the inventory of materials in APAC.


With APAC credit card holder Izhar on site, we went on to discuss the payapl transaction fee issue. It is a pain that currently ambassdors have to lost some money when getting reimbursed due to transaction fee charged by paypal. Several workarounds were proposed, and hopefully we can make real progress and no longer have this issue in the near future.

Last but not least, we distributed the ambassador Polo shirts. Thanks to the Cambodian team, we finally have Polo shirts for APAC ambassadors. It is really good for identification in offline events, especially those not limited to Fedora. I took along the Polo shirts for Chinese ambassadors who registered on the wiki page, and will distribute them to each owner soon. Those who have not registered on the wiki page, please request your Polo shirt by creating a ticket on the fedora-apac trac.


The last night in Phnom Penh was full of memory. We had two (!) dinners, walked along the river, visited the night market, saw famous sight spots when riding on the Tuk Tuk, and discussed even when we got back to the guesthouse. I wish I could stay longer, but to catch my flight, I left in the beautiful morning of Monday.

I have a busy schedule recently, and now over one week has passed since the FAD. I see it was a really great start for APAC ambassadors to get together, meet face to face, and fulfil important tasks. I look forward to more chances to involve more ambassadors in the region to work together. In this way we can make bigger differences as a whole.


今年 1 月份寒假期间,我借着寒假实践的机会去了一趟河南洛阳。虽然河南是我的家乡,但这是我第一次在河南省内旅行。洛阳得名于洛河之阳,是历史文化名城,东汉、西晋、北魏等朝代先后在这里建都,共有十三朝之多。洛阳牡丹甲天下,不过我们去的时节不对,但是我们还是有幸游览了龙门石窟、白马寺等,品尝了当地的小吃。

22 号晚上,我们组团去洛阳有名的小吃街。小吃街应该是在老城,途中会经过一个城门叫丽景门。小吃街上高高挂起的红灯笼绵延整个街道,很是好看。街上的小摊鳞次栉比,颇为热闹。不过在通信发达的今天,各地的小吃街上的小吃都大同小异,所以具体到吃上没有发现特别有趣的东西。小吃借逛完后,我们觉得不过瘾,于是又去了附近一家颇为有名的餐馆,点了一些风味菜品。路上我们问路,当地人热情地给我们讲路线,但貌似只有我听懂了。说到洛阳名吃,水席不得不提,汤汤水水特别多(这和我家挺不同),都会放不少胡椒(这倒和我家那边类似)。


24 号上午我们去了白马寺。我们住在地方在市中心区域,到白马寺有公交直达。白马寺是佛教寺院,白马指的是当年(东汉)驮经的白马。因为是冬季而且临近春节,所以寺里人烟稀少,可以随意地拍照,我们在寺里找到了可以骑上去的石马。寺内还有一个狄仁杰墓。在寺西侧,新建的东南亚风格佛教建筑大体已经完工,只是还没有正式开放。




25 号是返程日期,小伙伴们陆续踏上了归途,不过我感觉离家较近,不着急走,所以上午我又去参观了洛阳博物馆。由于道路翻修施工,手机地图上查的公交线路停运了,所以去程比较坑,主要就靠步行,很晚才到博物馆。博物馆很新,很大,而我在博物馆里一般脚步很慢,最后一直逛到中午一点。




本月 11 号到 14 号,因为参加学术会议的缘故,去了一趟深圳和香港。日程很紧,时间有限,不过我还是挤出来些时间感受下当地的景致。学术方面的会议总结已经在实验室里做了交流,这里的看官一般也不会感兴趣,因此本文就只描述会议之余的行程。

我是 11 号周日上午从学校出发坐地铁换机场快线去的首都国际机场,在机场快线上时只见窗外大雾弥漫,只觉是要延误。到了机场登机口时,外面就雷声轰鸣,不一会儿就大雨倾注,延误无误了。最后,九点半的飞机,十点多登机,下午一点时分才起飞。起飞时外面还是有雾,不过已大大好过之前。



IMG_2631 IMG_2636



由于当晚要住香港,所以下飞机后乘 330 路直奔罗湖口岸,在进港的关口排起了长队,队里等待时间大概有半个小时。之后乘地铁东港线去大学站。不禁为港中文有如此霸气的站名感叹。香港地铁不挤,但票价贵,和北京正相反。在那边一个大学同学的热情帮助下,吃了晚饭,摸到了晚上住宿的地点。晚上是住在港中文的国际生舍堂三座,是三人间,感觉比在自己学校住的都宽敞(也许是房间比较空产生的错觉),后来发现另外两人是来自华为的参会者。住的地方是在山上(学校其实就是依山建的),可谓海景房,能看到两侧高楼林立的沙田海夜景。值得一提的是,港中文有许多电梯,方便学生爬山,不是同学指路我是断然想不到的。另外还有免费的校车,只是假期车次较少。另外,在住的地方第一次见到并用了会掉冰块的饮水机,显然是后知后觉会用的。



下午茶歇时顺便逛了会议地点(康本国际学术园)一楼的书店,买到了朋友托付要买的书。会后要办香港住处的 check out,而已经过了他们的工作时间。后来得到了一位同学的积极帮助,等待了一段时间后顺利地 check out。等待期间是在学校外面附近的凯悦酒店,回头拍了几下港中文。其实我只走过了港中文的一个角落,里面的校区都没有工夫转。


之后,素未谋面的 fqj 童鞋帮我解决了晚饭,此时已经是晚上八点多钟。一番思虑之后,我决定冒着回深圳后赶不上地铁的风险,去尖沙咀维多利亚港看一看。fqj 表示也没看过维多利亚港夜景,愿意同行。于是我们倒地铁到了尖沙咀,出来后因为不知道路又找了一会儿,终于找到了海边,到了星光大道。海边风大,颇为凉爽。游客也不少。

IMG_2794 IMG_2800

从海边返回已经是十点多钟,待我到罗湖深圳一侧,恰为 11 点,地铁末班已经赶不上了。于是排队等出租车。到了住的地方,却被告知查不到预约信息。折腾一番,零点半方真正入住。我住的地方离深圳的华强北很近,也算是深圳的一个知名地段。

IMG_2900 IMG_2906



周三香港是八级风球预警,上午那边会议的日程都取消了。这让我一度认为当晚在深圳恐怕走不了了。然而深圳一直是台风黄色预警没有升级,下午等到了是航班晚点而非取消的消息。本来是 19:15 的飞机,晚点通知是改为 20:25,最终是九点多一些起飞,零点到的北京。之后坐机场大巴和出租车回到了宿舍,结束了四天匆匆的行程。